The comprehensive assurance is one which an establishment can use in multiple transit operations. This assurance, put into practice by the Ministry of Customs and Trade within the mutual transit procedure, is given according to the number and accuracy of transit procedures conducted by companies.

The comprehensive assurance owned by our company may be used by importers, exporters, logistics service providers and shipping companies. If you would like to benefit from the comprehensive assurance service provided by Anıt Customs Consultancy, you can contact You can call us for this subject known in the market as NCTS,T1,TR. 

The comprehensive assurance certificate of Anıt Customs Consultancy enables transfer services  without guard attendance fees and assurance in vehicles between inland dutiable

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Our purpose is to become a market leader by providing new and appealing added value for our customers who look for perpetual customer service in world standards with a business management expertness, sustain this leadership and become an important player in this industry.

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