Our insurance company, having been providing service in the field of insurance since 1994, has been trying to help our Group companies and it costumers in both individual and corporate insurance needs with appropriate and rational insurance solutions.

We aim to make contributions to the improvements that our costumers may need later on with our services by examining especially the risks of industrial establishments and creating private insurance plans according to the risk potential.

Providing high quality service in fire, accident, engineering, health and individual pension and life insurances as well as shipping insurances, our company aims to keep the costumer satisfaction at the highest rank with rapid response in case of damage.

Insurance companies we work with


This type of insurance secures the commodity against the damage to the commodity while its transport via highway, airway or railway, during the wait at fictive storages and loading or discharge.

The shipping commodity insurance provides you with the most rational and convenient against the damage that may happen to your goods during importation and exportation, or while domestic shipping.


It is possible to protect yourself against damages and losses possible to happen to third person goods under our responsibility during the transportation service provided within the borders of Turkey. If a risk within the guarantee emerges during the shipping, this insurance covers your legal liabilities to the extent of the insurance limits.


The yacht insurance secures your boat against all possible risks with the largest insurance. The yacht policy covers for your boat during:

Sailing at sea or internal waters

While at the harbor or marinas.


While on land or while landing on water with its equipment and hardware.



Traffic insurance is a legal obligation. It covers the accidents involving the death and injury or material damage of third persons for which those using the vehicles for occupational activities during the operation of vehicles within the country borders.


The comprehensive insurance covers damages that can happen to motor vehicles at any time such as crashes, hits, overturns, downfall, tumbling, burning while also securing damages following stealing or attempted stealing.

This insurance also provides you with additional assurances such as follows upon request:

Damages resulting from flooding

Earthquakes or volcanic eruptions

Non-standard equipment on your vehicle

Strikes, lockouts, chaos, civil commotion, terror.

While you take the necessary precautions according to your needs choosing the assurances you need, you also avoid paying extra premium for situations that do not apply to you. Also, your vehicle is protected against inflation.


The international motor vehicle insurance certificate system known as the Green Card System has been valid since 01.01.1953. The purpose of this system is to help the motor vehicle users who travel between countries and also provide protection of the persons who experience damage due to the insured motor vehicle user in the countries travelled to. According to this:

The damage shall be covered even though the country in which the traffic accident occurred is not the country of the accident causing person.

A motor vehicle operator will not experience the requirement of taking out a policy for each country they travel to.


The Obligatory Seat Personal Accident Insurance is obligatory for drivers that own the following licenses:

A1 given for the transportation of passengers interprovincially via automobile

A2 given for the transportation of passengers internationally via automobile

B1 given for the scheduled transportation of passengers internationally and interprovincially via bus

B2 given for the non-scheduled transportation of passengers internationally and interprovincially via bus

D1 given for the scheduled transportation of passengers interprovincialy

D2 given for the non-scheduled transportation of passengers within the country

Among licenses given to natural persons and legal entities that conduct passenger transportation within the highway transportation directive.


The personal accident insurance covers the material damage that may emerge due to

Death as a result of accidents

Permanent disability as a result of accidents

Treatment expences that arise from accidents

Against all types of accidents that can be encountered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year within the preset limits.